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SpongeBob Roboshot

SpongeBob Roboshot game instructions:

In SpongeBob Roboshot game you have to aim with the MOUSE and CLICK to throw a wrench at the control boxes of this giant robot. Destroy all the control boxes in order to disable the robot's control and advance to the next level.

The SpongeBob Roboshot game story:

Plankton has done it again: he has created a massive robot that will terrorize cities and you have to help SpongeBob SquarePants get rid of this crazy robot.

How to play SpongeBob Roboshot game online:

The massive robot has some sort of control boxes inside him which help him function properly. All you have to do is to destroy those control boxes. Your only way of doing this is by throwing wrenches and eliminate them.
The game play is a little tricky because the crazy robot is under constant movement, so aiming those control boxes is a little bit difficult.

Pay attention: you have a limited number of wrenches available so you have to make sure you help SpongeBob SquarePants fulfill his mission before he runs out of wrenches.
The robot has a limited number of control boxes each level. If you manage to destroy all of them you will get to the next level. If you fail or if you run out of wrenches you will have to start all over again.
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