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SpongeBob Mystery Train

SpongeBob Mystery Train game online:

Sponge Bob Mystery Train game is one of those Sherlock Holmes like games.

Goal of SpongeBob Mystery Train game:

Avoid the obstacles while running on never ending train wagons.

SpongeBob Mystery Train game levels:

This free SpongeBob SquarePants game has several levels:
1. On The Right Track
2. Train Jumper
3. Toss It Like It's Hot
4. Break Loose The Caboose

You can choose each one of the above level and have lots of fun while playing this SpongeBob SquarePants game. Each level has its own unique story and its own level of difficulty and its own tasks to accomplish.

SpongeBob Mystery Train - On The Right Track:

While playing the "On The Right Track" level from SpongeBob Mystery Train, your goal is to avoid the obstacles as best as you can. You are the train driver and you have to reach your destination without killing the jellyfish.
You have to use the left and right arrow keys to change the tracks. The space key will help you blow the whistle to move the jellyfish out of the railroad.

SpongeBob Mystery Train - Train Jumper:

This time you are on top of the fast moving train.
Unfortunately all the wagons are moving forward or backwards and you have to keep up. Use the space key to jump from wagon to wagon and remain on top of the train for as long as possible.
Watch out for those arrows: some of the wagons will more faster backwards or faster forward so you have to make sure you take a good look at the arrow before you make the jump in order to land properly on the next wagon.

SpongeBob Mystery Train - Toss It Like It's Hot:

We all know that trains use to run with coal.
Now you are driving a coal powered train and you have to feed it with coal. Press the corresponding arrow key in order to match the color of the arrow above the coal pile. If you press it right, the coal will enter the train's oven and you will keep moving. If not, you will loose and you'll have to start all over again in order to keep the train moving.

SpongeBob Mystery Train - Break Loose The Caboose:

This time the train is under attack. The bandits are after you and they all want to stop your train. Fortunately you own a jellyfish weapon and your mission is to stop the bandits. Use your mouse to aim and click in order to shoot. Make sure you stop as many bandits as possible from attacking your train. Once you hit a bandit, your score will increase. Have fun playing SpongeBob SquarePants Mystery Train game!

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