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SpongeBob Garry Revenge

SpongeBob Garry's Revenge game:

Play this SpongeBob free online game that is similar to Angry birds.

SpongeBob Garry's Revenge game play:

Garry's Revenge is a free online games from the category of SpongeBob SquarePants games. The goal of this cool game is to help SpongeBob's friend, Garry, destroy the wood castle.

How to play SpongeBob Garry's Revenge game online:

Your mission is simple: set the angle of the throw using your mouse and shoot. The goal is to destroy the castle as much as possible. If you hit the wood boards more, you will earn more points. If not, you will earn the minimum amount of points. The pinky-red snails will help you, they will be your ammo.
If you fail to destroy the entire wood castle from your first try, you will have another 2 attempts to reach your goal. The snails will help you again.

Garry's Revenge tips and tricks:

If you fail to touch the castle, you'd better watch the trajectory of each snail. If the throw was too short, you can improve it and throw the snail using a little bit of extra power.
If the throw was too long, then you should reduce the power of the throw.

Remember: you have only 3 snails available so you'd better destroy the castle before you run out of ammo. If you want to take a look at the battleground before you shoot, you can click the two pink arrows located on the far left and far right of the screen. After you have taken a good look at the target, it's time to shoot!

Once you reach higher levels of the game, you might consider shooting a little bit faster, because you will have the chance to win some nice bonuses.
Have fun playing Garry's Revenge game online!

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