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SpongeBob Coral Climb

SpongeBob Coral Climb game instructions:

SpongeBob SquarePants is on an epic journey under the sea. His mission is to climb as higher as possible with the aid of the corals.

How to play SpongeBob Coral Climb game:

Make sure you help SpongeBob succeed with his climb. Use the left and right arrow keys to help him move from side to side. His only goal is to land on a coral. This way he will be able to reach higher and higher levels.
If you get stuck and you don't know which coral to land on, try to move further left or further right and you will find the right coral to land on.

Types of corals in SpongeBob Coral Climb game:

There are two types of corals found while playing this cool SpongeBob game online: green corals, which help you climb a little bit higher and orange corals, which help you get to the next level.
Here is a little trick: if you manage to climb two successive green corals in the shortest time possible, you will gain some extra boost and you will be able to reach even higher water level with the same amount of energy. Try to use this trick in your advantage. Remember: this might be the only thing that can help you while you are out of ideas.

How to descend in SpongeBob Coral Climb game:

Remember this: ascending might be easy for you, but wait until you have no coral left to land on. This might happen pretty often, so you have to make sure you look for the right coral to land on while you still have time.
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